Reefs: Galijola (31)

The mythical Galijola, a rock surrounded by sea, stretches in an east-west direction. It is about 150 m long but only some 50 m wide. In the middle of the rock is a lighthouse, erected to warn sailors of its existence. The rock’s southern side is the most appealing for diving. You anchor at about 100 m from the shore at a depth of 12 m, and then dive along the anchor rope to the edge of the wall at 15 m. The maximum diving depth is about 40 m. At the end of the dive, you rise to the surface through a canyon that takes you to a safety stop. The canyon is best part of the dive, after which visiting Galijola and taking photos is a must.

Sea depth: 43 m
Greatest depth: 40 m
Smallest depth: 8 m

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