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Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Get Lost but Enjoy Endlessly

You will enjoy Istria more if you follow your intuition instead of planning your activities. Lose yourself in Istria!

panoramaThe best way to explore Istria is without a guide and plan. Are you panicking at the thought of such a trip? We understand - the times that we live in simply won't let us relax - and lose ourselves. Our mobiles always know where we are, and TripAdvisor and information points are full of advice on what you simply must see.

It seems that, even on our vacation, we are not allowed to rest.

Undiscovered Istrian treasures  
We invite you to try to truly relax in Istria. Forget your plans and lose yourself. Start from the place where you are staying, choose a direction following your intuition and travel with an open heart and sharp senses. Eventually you will stumble upon some hidden treasure.

Istria is ideal for indulgences in vineyards, olive groves and romantic towns.
Discover the places where it is best to turn off your mobile and enjoy the tranquility.

Take walks in nature, discover some old ruins, and then open up your soul to your fellow travelers in the traditional tavern you came across. There you can taste wines you never tried before, so ask your host to direct you to the winemaker whose wine you tried.

The winemaker will familiarize you with each of their varieties, and you will come back home with a few bottles of top-quality wine.

zalazakFrom dawn till dusk
Enjoy the sunset at the most romantic place, and rest in the evening. Go to bed before midnight, because tomorrow is another tiring day in which you must lose yourself.

Losing yourself is not as easy as it seems, because it is in our nature to seek what we know, but you will resist the call of predictability. Each time you will discover something new, and losing yourself will become your ritual.

Come back to Istria. We can hardly wait for you to lose yourself and discover new pleasures again!