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Top 5 Unusual Views on Istria

If you travel through Istria and stop at one of its viewpoints, climb up an old tower and watch the surrounding from above, the experience will be unforgettable. However, adventure seeking visitors will have the opportunity to see other unusual views on Istria.


Try out paragliding and tandem flights

Due to good weather conditions, the opportunity for paragliding in Istria exists every day.
If you are an experienced paraglider, you can fly on your own, if you aren’t, try the tandem flights.

The magic can’t be explained to the ones who still haven’t tried it, but the spell of the blue will not leave you indifferent.

Diving adventure: the hidden world is waiting for you
As kids, you were probably intrigued by the mysterious underwater world thanks to the Little Mermaid fairy tale.
Although she might not exist, the sea depths certainly evoke our desire for adventure.

Indulge in adventure and discover the Istrian underwater which beside the diverse and preserved plant and animal life, abounds in caves, reefs and wrecks.

Flights: Istria on your palm
The sporting airport in Vrsar situated not far from the preserved natural phenomenon Lim fjord, is an interesting stop on the way of curious travellers.

Besides taking an airplane ride with panoramic views on Vrsar, one can see the original old planes exhibition.
All visitors, even the ones who usually stick to the ground, have the opportunity to get to know the magic of flying!

Caving adventure: explore the underground world
Istria is, due to karst terrain, full of caves. Some of them are easy to look around without equipment, while others require more experience and specialized equipment.

Underground halls, lakes, creeks, craters, swirl pots and cracks will enchant every visitor in a special way: you simply must experience these magical colours!

climbing zarecki
Climbing: view from above
If you are the ones drawn by living on the edge or just looking for some trills, climbing is a real adventure you have to try.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore different climbing sites and inviting landscapes.
Forget fear, be bold and join us on this adventure!