Hiking trail: From Lanterna to Lanterna

Starting point is the central reception of the tourist village Lanterna, north towards Hotel Iris, an asphalted path leads through the shade of the holm and underbrush to the road with the path sign for Sport Valeta, left downhill leads to the beach.

It continues left through the sports center to the asphalt paved waterfront (lungomare) from which the view of Novigrad-Cittanova is beautiful. Then follow the signs for restaurant Delfin, around which you come to the very peak called Rt Zub (Cape Tooth) where a stone house with a lighthouse is situated.

Promenade by the sea (lungomare) follows the northwest side of the peninsula, following the signs for the restaurant Marina. Walk further to the fence of the Naturist center Solaris and left uphill to the apartment building Julia and nearby apartments Jadranka and Jelica. On the other side of the parking lot there is a paved path to the bus station and the central reception of tourist resort Lanterna.

The trail length: 2.500 m
Walking time: from 45 minutes to 1.15 hours

The promenade by the sea is completely in the shade of the evergreen, laurel tree and Mediterranean macchia, at night most of the path is lit (except the part from the restaurant Marina to apartments Julia). During the summer season there is a large number of various sports centers (tennis, mini-golf, table tennis, etc.) along the whole length of the trail. The trail is suitable for roller-skating.