Giacomo Casanova’s Teran: A Romantic Flavour of Adventure

Are you longing for new amorous pleasures? Do you wish to stir the sleeping passions in your relationship? Taste Teran and find out why it was worshipped by the legendary Venetian lover Casanova and the Roman Empress Livia.

Stories about the exquisite taste and effects of Istrian wines can be found as early as in the writings of ancient Roman authors. In these mysterious texts, we find a story about the longevity elixir of the empress Livia, wife of the Roman emperor Augustus.

teranThe empress lived to the ripe old age of 82, which was extremely old at the times. The authors mention Vinum Pucinum as the empress’s favourite drink, and historians believe that it refers to the Istrian Teran of ruby red colour.

Grown in Istrian vineyards since ancient times, Terrano is a variety yielding excellent red wine with an interesting nuance of crispness. Connoisseurs say it is passionate and peculiar – it has a vibrant, wild forest fruit scent, and the colour ranges from purple to ruby red.

It goes exceptionally well with cheeses, homemade prosciutto and meat dishes, served at a temperature of 18 °C.

How Teran intoxicated Casanova  
The passionate flavour of Teran inebriated the world-famous adventurer, soldier, spy and lover Giacomo Casanova, whose last name became a synonym for a passionate adventurous lover.

casanova2Casanova was born in Venice in 1725. He was a priest, but because of his debaucherous lifestyle, he quickly abandoned this career. His life changed completely when he saved the life of a wealthy nobleman, who presented him with a generous award as a sign of gratitude. The newly acquired wealth brought him a lavish life and travels during which he seduced more than two hundred women. Because of his seductions, he became the object of desire of many European high-society ladies. He lived a life of debauchery and died in extreme poverty.

He described his life in the lengthy memoir History of my Life, in which he mentions Istria on two occasions.

Casanova visited Vrsar, a small town in the vicinity of the Lim Bay, twice - the first time as a poor priest, and the second time as a soldier. In Vrsar, Casanova met a local surgeon who introduced him to a favourite local drink - Teran.

In spite of his short stay in Vrsar, he managed, intoxicated by Teran, to accomplish one of his romantic adventures, seducing a young servant.  

casanovaAllow Teran to stir your passion  
We cannot know for sure if Casanova enjoyed the delectable oysters from the Lim Channel, but we know that Istria today offers many experiences that inspire passion.
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Spend a romantic weekend for two enjoying the ultimate Istrian spa experience. Take a swim at the most romantic beaches in Istria or awaken your passions by tasting truffle dishes.
Enhance your experience of choice with a glass of Teran, whose strong flavour will inspire you for romance.
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