Tavern - The Istrian Tradition of Hedonism

Are you ready for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure? Get lost in inland Istria and discover taverns that preserve unfamiliar flavors!

Head to inland Istria and be overwhelmed by the tranquility of old stone towns strewn over green hills. By accident or on purpose, you will always discover a culinary oasis that will show you the true flavors of Istria.

konobaYou haven't tasted Istria if you haven't eaten in a tavern!
Within the stone walls of the Istrian tavern, time moves more slowly. You will be welcomed by hosts running the tavern with their family members, and the recipes for dishes on your menu were passed down to them from their grandmothers.

The old recipes include veal roasted under the bell, ombolo (pork loin) and sausages with sauerkraut. Taverns also serve fuži or gnocchi in a wild game or home-bred hen sauce, truffles, a delicious vegetable maneštra, sheep's cheese, Istrian prosciutto dry-cured in the wind bura and pancetta as appetizers.

If you are a meat lover, try specialities made from boškarin, an indigenous Istrian longhorn cattle. Satisfy your sweet tooth with traditional Istrian desserts - fritula, kroštula and cukerančić or nourish yourselves with a famous Istrian soup prepared with red wine, olive oil, salt, pepper and toasted white bread.

Pair all these dishes with the flavors of indigenous Istrian wines - Malvasia, Teran and Muscat. In the family atmosphere of the tavern, you will soon feel as part of the family yourselves, wanting to return to your favorite tavern again and again.

fuziThe ABCs of the Istrian tavern  
Many Istrian dishes have specific names. Learn them before you visit a tavern!

Fuži - tube-shaped folded thin strips of pasta, 3-5 cm long.  
Istarska fritaja - scrambled homegrown eggs enriched by seasonable ingredients such as asparagus, truffles, prosciutto, sausages and mushrooms.
Maneštra - a thick soup prepared with potato, beans, cured meat and seasonal vegetables.  
Ombolo - boneless pork chop seasoned with salt, ground pepper and bay leafs, and dry-cured in the wind.
Panceta - pork belly rubbed with a mixture of salt, pepper and ground bay leaf and dry-cured flat or rolled.
Pljukanci - traditional spindle-shaped pasta.  
Ravioli - pasta dough with cheese, meat or walnut filling.  
Žgvacet - Istrian stew made with pieces of home-bred hen, beef and wild game meat in a thick sauce.

sirevi kumparickaPick your tavern  
If you have a tavern in mind, find it here.  
We recommend you to simply explore inland Istria and stumble on a tavern that will amaze you.

Discover all the secrets of Istrian gastronomy  
Istra is world-famous for its olive oils and truffles. Istrian wines stir the romantic flavor of adventure, and picking asparagus takes you back to simpler and more tranquil times.

Bon appétit!    

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