Easter Tradition in Istria

Easter period in Istria revives tradition in order to preserve intangible cultural heritage. Discover them all!

There is a long tradition of egg decoration in Istria. Easter eggs symbolize life and are often decorated with natural colours. There is a popular traditional game linked to Easter eggs, too. People, mostly children, compete in knocking egg on egg - the winner is the one left with the entire egg.

Zminj pince
is traditional sweet bread with raisins and it is the main star of the Easter table served for breakfast. It is a delicacy, mainly round-shaped with a cross sign in the middle. It was traditionally decorated with an olive leaf.

If you are intrigued and should you find yourself in Istria in April, we are inviting you to come to Žminj. You’ll see the way pinca was baked in the past, in bread ovens. You’ll go back in time and find out how delicious dishes with simple ingredients were made.

Usks jelaEaster morning naturally begins with Easter breakfast. Along with pinca (sweet bread) and Easter eggs, there are several other delicacies there: ham, onion, salt and sometimes radish.

Easter lunch is also very abundant with meat delicacies like lamb under the lid with potatoes combined with Istrian wines malvasia or teran.

Easter is a family holiday - and what is nicer than a day spent with your loved ones? If you get the chance, spend Easter in Istria to experience the customs and tradition of our peninsula.

Happy Easter!