Awards for Istrian olive oils


Maslinova ulja zlatna na natjecanju u New Yorku

Another incredible achievement of Istrian olive growers: 30 olive oils have been awarded gold medals in the international NYIOOC competition

The gold medal for outstanding quality was won in New York by as many as 30 olive oils from Istria, along with seven other silver-crowned oils, while a total of 87 samples were awarded at a national level. This is an exceptional result that once again confirms the size of Istrian extra virgin olive oil on the world stage.

The New York International Olive Oil Competition - NYIOOC, is one of the world's largest and most prestigious competitions for high quality extra virgin olive oils, and the annual list of medal winners represents an authoritative guide of the best olive oils in the world.

A total of 1,159 samples from 28 countries were analysed at the prestigious competition so that NYIOOC has become one of the largest and most comprehensive world reviews of olive oils from around the world. Of the overall number, 790 samples won the coveted gold and silver awards for outstanding quality, with an overall success rate of 68 percent. They make up an elite list of the world’s finest extra virgin olive oils on the official NYIOOC rankings, a guide used by millions of fans to learn more about the award winners and the people behind them.

The NYIOOC competition is organised and conducted by Olive Oil Times, one of the most reliable independent sources of news related to olive oil.

List of prize-winning Istrian olive oils

NYIOOC Gold Awards 2021
Al Torcio Bianchera
Al Torcio Itrana
Al Torcio Moraiolo
Al Torcio Pendolino
Al Torcio Rosulja
Avistria Stari Buža
Belić Oleum Viride Buža
Bosco Monte
Burić De Kleva BM
Chiavalon Ex Albis
Červar Bianchera
Istriana Leccino
Istriana Premium Blend
Monte Rosso Grand Selection
Nono Remiđo Rosignola
Oila! by Infobip
Prima Olive
Punta Cissana
Rheos Premium Blend
Terra Rossa Bellani
Valencano BP
Villa Sianna Rosignola

NYIOOC Silver Awards 2021
Al Torcio Blend
Al Torcio Frantoio
Al Torcio Leccino
Avistria Istrian Blend
Avistria Pendolino
Nono Remiđo Buža