Olive oil producers

Zubin Enio


Quality: Exquisite

Zubin is an oil farm situated in Umag, a little town and port in the extreme north-western part of the Istrian coast, an area with an ancient olive growing tradition. Founded in 2000 by Enio Zubin, this farm has 20 hectares of specialized olive grove with 3,500 trees. In the last harvest 200 quintals of olives were produced, which allowed a yield of 24 hectolitres of oil. There are two Extra Virgin Oio de Buščina, Selection and especially the excellent Monocultivar Črnica, which is an intense limpid golden yellow colour with slight green hues. Its aroma is definite and ample, rich in vegetal notes of artichoke, wild thistle and lettuce, together with distinct aromatic hints of mint and rosemary. Its taste is rotund and strong, endowed with a vegetal flavour of country vegetables, a spicy note of black pepper and an almond finish. Bitterness is definite and pungency is distinct. It would be ideal on bluefish appetizers, bruschette with tomatoes, roast porcini mushrooms, spinach salads, minestrone with vegetables, meat cous cous, barbecued swordfish, pan-seared game birds or animals, hard mature cheese.


  • Bušćina 18/b, Umag-Umago