Gourmet spots

Gourmet spots

Istria abounds in specific flavours that can be tasted in a number of forms and products. They can be found in some of the unique gourmet spots scattered throughout the peninsula. In these thematic, sales or educational centres, call them whatever you want, you can discover all the peculiarities of certain traditions of Istrian cuisine.

Dedicated to special products, stories or ingredients, these are spots where you will learn something new about popular, traditional products in one place. At some of them you will be able to taste delicious snacks, while at others you will be able to purchase them and even enjoy a real meal/menu.

Istrian prosciutto, sausages, extra virgin olive oil, truffles, homemade brandies and liqueurs each have their "gourmet spot", and one centre, for example, is entirely dedicated to Istrian cuisine.

Stroll around Istria exploring its attractive gourmet spots and enjoy!

Istrian prosciutto house
Tinjan 5, Tinjan
+385 91 762 1174, rubinium.istra@gmail.com

Croatian sausage house · Home of Istrian traditions
Dajčići BB, Sveti Petar u Šumi
+385 99 212 5111, info@petruspark.hr

Home of Istrian olive oil
Istarska 30, Pula-Pola
+385 52 661 235, info@oleumhistriae.com

Aura Destillery · Home of Istrian brandies
2. istarske brigade 2/1, Buzet
+385 91 269 4251, destilerija@auraproizvodi.com

Home of traditional gastronomy
Istarska 17, Tar-Torre
+385 91 602 9723, degustazione@tar-vabriga.hr

Truffle museum
Paladini 14, Buzet
+385 98 975 9634, info@karlictartufi.hr

Butiga Kaštelir · local food store
Kaštelir 29B, Kaštelir-Labinci

Gourmet spots
Gourmet spots
Gourmet spots
Gourmet spots
Gourmet spots
Gourmet spots
Gourmet spots
Gourmet spots
Gourmet spots
Gourmet spots
Gourmet spots

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