Istrian cuisine

Dishes of Green Istria

Nature’s bounty in an authentic ambiance... where a meal is more than just a meal...

The interior of Istria reveals a great number of authentic inns, or konobas, and wine cellars where each meal acquires an added dimension. The preparation method, ambiance and delightful hospitality make every meal an exceptional gourmet experience.

The selection of dishes is based on meat and pasta, such as: peka, meal prepared under a baking lid; ombolo, boneless pork loin; kapuz, sausages with sauerkraut; fuži, pasta; or gnocchi in a sauce locally known as šugo (made from game, free-range chicken or truffles). For starters, begin with a delicious hearty vegetable soup known as maneštra, sheep-milk cheese, Istrian prosciutto, air-cured by the bura wind from the north, or bacon (known as pancetta). For dessert, try traditional Istrian pastries - fritule, kroštule and cukerančići or the famous Istrian supa with red wine, olive oil, salt, pepper and toasted white bread.

A feast of new tastes that invigorate the body and enliven the soul!

Glossary of dishes of Green Istria
Thick soup made with potatoes, beans, cured meat and seasonal vegetables
Fuži - Fusi
Tubelike, rolled up thin pieces of pasta, 3 to 5 centimetres long
Spindle-shaped homemade pasta
Pasta cut into little squares
Small squares of pasta stuffed with cheese, meat or walnut filing
Istarska fritaja - Istrian frittata
Omelette made with farm-laid eggs, enriched with seasonal food such as asparagus, truffles, prosciutto, sausages or mushrooms...
Istrian goulash, thick meat sauce of chicken, beef or game
Boneless cut of pork, cut along the top of the rib cage, salted and seasoned with ground pepper and bay leaf, then air-cured
Panceta - Bacon
Cut of meat taken from the flank of a pig, salted and seasoned with pepper and ground bay leaf, then air-cured flat or rolled

Seafood specialties

Dishes of Blue Istria

Wild plants and asparagus

Istrian maneštra

Full strength polenta