Istrian cuisine

The meat of Istrian cattle - an exquisite delicacy

The meat of the boškarin, an indigenous breed of cattle, is the shining star of any gourmet in Istria.

Prepared according to old and new recipes alike, this noble food has gained a reputation among the connoisseurs of good food and drink, and it has become part of the offering of all better restaurants, konobas and agritourism establishments throughout Istria. From day to day, top chefs are providing it with new gastronomic impetus, as they set their imagination free in creating novel recipes, but always keeping in mind the heritage of traditional cuisine.

Boškarin meat pairs well with home-made pasta, home-grown rocket salad and wild-grown aromatic herbs. It can be used as a filling for ravioli and for making delicious pate. Because of its exceptional quality and great potential, workshops and meetings of chefs are organized to teach the methods of preparing boškarin meat.

The eating establishments offering this delicacy are awarded a special label that guarantees not only the origin of the meat but also that it is prepared by chefs who have completed training courses in cooking boškarin meat. Let them guide you to discovering the indescribable wealth of specialties based on the meat of Istria’s indigenous cattle.

Catering establishments (restaurants, taverns and agritourisms) offering dishes prepared with the meat of the boškarin, an indigenous breed of Istrian cattle, carry a plaque with the image of a boškarin as a guarantee of authenticity.

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