Istrian brandies

Istrian brandies and liqueurs

Destilerija Krulcic
There are many types of Istrian brandies, and Istrian distilleries have positioned themselves well in the world of spirits production. However, you should always start with the basics; for herbal brandies, this typically means using a distillate of vine or grape pomace. The base remains the same, yet the variations and combinations are countless. Virtually everything that grows on the fertile land of Istria can be transformed into an irresistible elixir, served in a small glass for every occasion.

Traditionally, whether in health or sickness, joy or sorrow, three types of brandy have consistently graced the Istrian table – biska (mistletoe and three herbs brandy), ruda (rue brandy) and medica (honey brandy).

"One biska had us going crazy" is a verse from a poem dedicated to this yellow-brownish brandy, created by adding a macerate of white and yellow mistletoe. Its rich herbal aroma and bitter taste stimulate the appetite and sometimes give the gift of gab. Biska, a traditional Istrian brandy, originated in Hum - the smallest town in the world.

Ruda, significantly different in its recognizable green colour, is known for its healing properties and obtained by soaking the aerial parts of the rue plant. Completing the great trinity of Istrian brandies, alongside biska and ruda, is a brandy so rich in colour it can be called liquid gold. This brandy is created by adding honey to grape pomace or vine distillate. Beyond its striking colour, medica boasts a sweet taste that perfectly complements any Istrian meal.

This is not the end of top-quality Istrian brandies. Along with biska, ruda and medica, there are many choices on our peninsula. Whether you prefer a sweet taste or enjoy a bitter aroma more, you will surely find a favourite among Istria’s numerous fruit flavours: carob, sour cherry, fig ...

Destilerija Krulcic Maslina
However, more and more often, and in increasingly more places, you can try unconventional brandies and liqueurs along with classics of Istrian gastronomy such as truffles or olives. Among these, the indispensable teranino stands out, made from the well-known Istrian Teran.

It is difficult to describe in words what Istrian brandies and liqueurs are like, so we recommend that you taste them yourself to fully appreciate their flavours. However, keep in mind that you will want to remember your visit to Istria and its interesting tastes, so be sure to moderate your consumption. Cheers!

Distilleries in Istria:
Aura proizvodi
Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri - Gin
2. istarske brigade 2/1, HR-52420 Buzet
+385 52 694 250, +385 91 269 4251
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Destilerija Dellbiecco
Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri
Stancija Cernibieco 1, HR-52211 Bale-Valle
+385 91 311 4867
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Destilerija Frane
Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri
Pamići 5, HR-52341 Žminj
+385 91 544 7576, +385 91 545 0617
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Imagine Spirits
Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri - Gin
Marasi 60, HR-52450 Vrsar
+385 91 344 4496
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Istarska kapljica
Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri - Gin
Cerjani 1, HR-52464 Kaštelir
+385 91 568 2109

Destilerija Kotal
Destilati - Specijalne rakije
Lovrečići 2, HR-52402 Cerovlje
+385 98 335 180, +385 91 917 8548

Destilerija Krulčić
Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri - Gin
Lindar 126/b, HR-52100 Pazin
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Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri - Gin
Ladonja 9, HR-52440 Poreč
+385 95 837 4499
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OPG Dobrilović
Destilati - Likeri
Bruštoloni 25, HR-52470 Umag
+385 98 421 118
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OPG Krivičić
Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri
Jadreški 109, HR-52100 Pula
+385 91 550 7050

OPG Vivoda
Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri
Gradiziol 7, HR-52424 Motovun
+385 91 468 2531

Sempervivum distillery
Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri - Gin
Veleniki 22, HR-52440 Veleniki/Poreč
+385 91 520 3090
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Destilati - Likeri
Lašići 2a, HR-52447 Vižinada
+385 98 927 3739,+385 98 874 808

Štifanić distillery
Destilati - Specijalne rakije - Likeri
Franečići 111/1, HR-52420 Buzet
+ 385 98 168 9933
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