Top 5 Cheeses from Istria You Have to Try

If you’re looking for new ways of discovering Istrian flavours, we suggest you try the Istrian cheese road. Typical Istrian cheeses are goat, sheep and cow - the 14 best cheese producers have been listed in the new issue of Istra Gourmet magazine.

We’ve singled out 5 cheese producers which connect tradition and authentic flavours with modern technology.

Latus Žminj
Relax in Milk & Cheese bar in Žminj
The Latus dairy in the vicinity of Žminj likes to state its cheeses have the traditional Istrian flavour. It is a family business.
We recommend you try all their cow milk cheeses as well as fresh milk and yoghurt.

Meet the fusion of tradition and modern technology of cheese production
The dairy Vesna Loborika’s slogan is “family at the table” which speaks of the love and effort invested in this dairy production. All produce can be tasted in their restaurant.


A paradise for goat milk lovers

Stancija Kumparička is a refurbished farm built in the 14th century where you can try an excellent homemade cheese made out of fresh goat milk.
Try their products such as goat milk yoghurt and other meals on their Pula market post and in their restaurant.

In the vicinity of Stancija Kumparička, visit the Stjepan Hauser path.

LatusTaste Istrian pastures in a bite
If you prefer sheep cheese, Stancija Špin is the place for you! Their cheeses carry a unique Istrian soil signature - due to vicinity of the sea, the River Mirna and the Učka Mountain. Besides trying their specialties of both sheep and cow milk, stroll through their cheese path all the way to the pastures which help create their excellent cheese.

Cow cheese with Istrian signature
The story of Alen Peršić’s family farm began with one cow. Today they have more than 120 heads. They produce soft, semi-hard and hard cheese as well as crunchy cheese - one of “louder” cheeses you’ll be able to try in Istria. Their cheeses can also be found at the Pula market.