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Degrassi Moreno


Rating: Exquisite

Unlike the majority of his fellow Istrian winemakers who generally established their reputation by making white quality wines, Moreno Degrassi, whose wine cellar is located in Bašanija in the north-west of the Istrian peninsula, since the beginning of his career as winemaker, has been building his image for the most part on the production of red wine aged in barrique casks. Nevertheless, white wines have been equally present in his cellar and he has won diverse awards for both, so if we take into account his entire assortment, we might conclude that Degrassi is perhaps the most heterogeneous winemaker in Istria.On the other hand, if somebody offered you a premium red wine from Istria, it is most probable it will be one of Degrassi\'s wines.


  • Podrumarska 3, Savudrija-Salvore


  • Malvazija istarska, Bonarchese, 0,75 l

  • Malvazija istarska, Bonarchese (barrique), 0,75 l

  • Chardonnay, Ferne, 0,75 l

  • Chardonnay, Ferne (barrique), 0,75 l

  • Muškat bijeli (white), San Pellegrin, poluslatki (semi-sweet), 0,5 l

  • Muškat bijeli (white), San Pellegrin, polusuhi (semi-dry), 0,5 l

  • Merlot, Contarini barrique, 0,75 l

  • Cabernet sauvignon, Contarini barrique, 0,75 l

  • Cabernet franc, Contarini barrique, 0,75 l

  • Teran, 1,75 l

  • Refošk, 0,75 l

  • Refošk, Contarini barrique, 0,75 l

  • Terre bianche (barrique) (cuvee bordolese), 0,75 l

  • Muškat ruža (rose), Cassanova, rose, 0,5 l

White vs. Red wine: 50% : 50%

Vineyard area: 12.5 Ha

Mini boutique: Yes


International Wine Challenge 2020:
Degrassi Terre Bianche Cuvee Blanc Riserva, 2015 [Silver/92]

  • Vinibuoni d'Italia
  • Itinerari tra i vigneti