Wine makers



Damir Dobravac is an atypical Istrian winemaker born into a farming family. Father Gašpar and mother Foška moved to Rovinj in the 1950s and started growing fruit and vegetables. This was followed by a tourist offer with a family villa, so Damir and his wife Natalina continued, but also raised the activity to the next level. For years, the Dobravac family supplied a number of restaurants in Rovinj with fruit and vegetables, their tomatoes were widely known. However, they had always had a small vineyard, and in 2006, Damir decided to start producing wine more seriously. Today, this family winery is an indispensable factor in the Istrian wine scene, whose wines are recognised by many wine enthusiasts, and are remembered not only for their quality, but also for their names. This is because these follow the musical scale beginning with the elegant, fresh malvasia Suita, the more serious one, Sonata, and the aged malvasia Simfonija. The red wines are Fuga, Tocata and sweet Alegro, and the teran is named after father Gašpar.