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Experience authentic Istria: To Do in Istria booking platform

If you want to discover the best tours, attractions, and experiences in Istria, your personal trip planner is To Do in Istria!

To Do in Istria is a new destination booking platform that allows you to find and book unique experiences that will make your trip to Istria unforgettable.

Created to meet the needs of every visitor, regardless of their travel style and preferences, the To Do in Istria platform includes a diverse list of activities and experiences suitable for adrenaline enthusiasts, foodies, and history lovers alike. With the convenient all-in-one place principle, you can easily find the best offers in Istria in a few simple steps.

Kayak Istria
How to find the perfect experience?
Are you seeking inspiration for exciting outdoor activities in Istria? Reserve your next adventure on an off-road tour through beautiful landscapes or explore the untouched nature of the blue-green peninsula with guided cycling tours.

If you're a fan of water activities, join an exciting kayaking or SUP adventure, or relax and experience a romantic boat tour. The more adventurous can try some adrenaline-filled jet skiing or cliff jumping. Don't worry; experienced local guides will ensure your experience is safe and fun!

Lady in Arena PUla
A paradise for culture lovers
If you want to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of this destination, book your spot and experience the history of Istrian towns in a slightly different way.

To Do in Istria helps you explore the history and culture of Istria. Visit museums, and interpretive centres, discover exciting stories and legends and uncover the authentic side of our peninsula.

Gourmet Vino
Savoring tradition
The rich gastronomic heritage and culinary excellence of Istria are reason enough to explore the traditional flavors and local delicacies, such as Istrian prosciutto, cheese, olive oil, and truffles.
Reserve your top-notch gourmet experience and uncover the secrets of authentic Istrian recipes.

Indulge in the pleasure of tasting exquisite dishes prepared with love and seasoned with the unique charm of this beautiful Mediterranean region.

Regardless of your choice of activities or tours, Istria is a destination that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor and offers unforgettable experiences. Secure your spot and enjoy the diversity and authenticity of Istria with To Do in Istria.