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Forbes: Istria among 50 spectacular destinations

The famed American magazine Forbes has listed Istria among its TOP destinations from around the world in its article 50 spectacular post-corona destinations to travel to.

Forbes states that Istria is an ideal destination for all admirers of good gastronomy who can try top quality extra virgin olive oil, truffles, prosciutto, wine and seafood there. The article emphasises the charm of Istrian towns as well as the excellent geographical position of the Croatian peninsula.


- Istria as part of prestigious media coverage -

The American television network CNBC has dedicated part of its story to the Istrian peninsula. All of Istria’s charms are revealed in a report that provides an overview of the cost of living of "digital nomads" in four global destinations - Bali, Jamaica, Barbados and Croatia.

CNBC told the story of modern nomads in Croatia through the example of Melissa Paul from Southern California, who found her place under the sun in Istria, in the town of Labin, being the first person in Croatia with the status of digital nomad.

In recent days, a number of American media companies have dedicated space to the current conditions of tourists entering Croatia, including the classic Condé Nast Traveler, the Travel Pulse portal and the prestigious American travel magazine Travel+Leisure.

Lonely Planet, the world's leading brand of tourist guides, also announced the valid conditions for entering Croatia, while it offered the 17 best must-see locations in Croatia in a special article, including Istria, Cape Kamenjak and Motovun.