• Antonja

    20.01.2017 - 21.01.2017

    Rovinjsko Selo, Dom kulture (Cultural Center in Rovinjsko Selo)

    26th Wine Exhibition and 14th Olive Oil Exhibition

    Dom kulture (Cultural Center in Rovinjsko Selo)

    26th Wine Exhibition and 14th Olive Oil Exhibition


    TZ Rovinj
    Pina Budicina 12 +385 (0)52 811 566

  • Istrian winter running league



    12. winter league runnin season

    12. winter league runnin season

    12th anniversary of the Istrian winter league proves how popular running is in Istria. There are different recreational 6 or 9 kilometre races being held throughout the entire winter, up until March. Make sure not to miss the upcoming exciting adventures.

    Entry fee will amount 100.00 HRK and it’s paid by the purchase of starting number which is valid for all races. There will be trails of different profiles, properly marked, which length ranges from 6 km to about 9 km.

    Istrian Winter Running League 2016/17
    1. round: 06.11.2016. Umag
    2. round: 20.11.2016. Poreč-Parenzo
    3. round: 04.12.2016. Pazin
    4. round: 18.12.2016. Medulin
    5. round: 15.01.2017. Sveti Petar u Šumi
    6. round: 29.01.2017. Rovinj-Rovigno
    7. round: 12.02.2017. Tupljak (Pićan)
    8. round: 26.02.2017. Pula-Pola
    9. round: 05.03.2016. Rabac

  • Night of museums


    Labin, Stari grad

    Stari grad

    The Night of Museums will be held on the 31st January from 18.00 to 01.00 hours. You are invited to numerous programs which will be presented by Croatian museums and heritage institutions.
    Night of Museums is a traditional event of Croatian Museum Association in which are participating the museums and galleries from all parts of Croatia.

    Entrance to the museum is free and the museum also organizes occasional programs (exhibition openings, concerts, performances, promotions, specially created guides, giveaways or appropriate selling of museum publications and souvenirs, etc.).

  • Istra Trek 2017



    12th trekking race

    12th trekking race

    Ultra, around 40 km
    Challenger, around 25 km
    Light, around 12 km

    Technical briefing: Saturday 04.02.2017.
    08:50 Ultra
    09:50 Challenger
    10:20 Light

    Registration for the race: only via online application
    Registration is possible until: 26.01.2017.

    Registrations and information about the race are published on the website

    We are waiting for you in February and we wish you the best of luck!


    SRK Alba
    Presika 51a, Labin +385 (0)98 98 31 255

  • Carnival in Cerovlje

    05.02.2017 - 26.02.2017


    Carnival parade and masked ball

    Carnival parade and masked ball

    The largest and most cheerful carnival in central Istria! Masked groups comes from all over the region, and is being held, as tradition dictates, on Sunday before Carnival. Children's carnival is scheduled for Saturday, then the event will continue on Tuesday, the day of Pust and ends on Wednesday ceremonial of "Pust" burning with the inevitable reading of funny judgment.


    Općina Cerovlje
    T. +385 (0)52 684140

  • Wellness Moments

    10.02.2017 - 31.03.2017

    Umag-Umago, Novigrad-Cittanova

    Thematic programs and packages

    Thematic programs and packages

    Are you longing for full rest for body and soul? Are you looking for repose from everyday stress? Have you decided to treat yourself with beauty treatment, massage or sauna?

    In the period between 10th February and 31st March the Northwestern Istria is just what you need! The Wellness Moments are offering you an excellent opportunity to experience all advantages of relaxation in modern wellness centres in Umag and Novigrad.

    Do something different for your health, beauty and inner balance and meet the spring revived and filled with new energy.

    » Wellness moments


    Istraturist Umag, Laguna Novigrad
    +385 52 700 700, +385 52 858 600


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