• Antiques and numismatics fair on Fridays

    01.01.2014 - 31.12.2014

    Poreč-Parenzo, Viale (ispod hotela Poreč) (Viale (below hotel Poreč))

    International exhibitors of antiques

    08:00 - 15:00 h

    Viale (ispod hotela Poreč) (Viale (below hotel Poreč))

    International exhibitors of antiques

    Furniture, paintings, timepieces, jewelry, silver and porcelain, ethno collections, etc.
    Every Friday till the end of year.


    Udruga antikvara Eufrazijana
    +385 91 132 2583

  • Traktor Story

    01.04.2014 - 31.10.2014

    Nova Vas (Poreč), Jama-Grotta Baredine (Baredine Cave)

    Old tractors exhibition

    Jama-Grotta Baredine (Baredine Cave)

    Old tractors exhibition

    In an area that served as an intersection for communication and roads ever since, besides the Baredine cave as a natural monument, you can also visit an ethno story devoted to agriculture. It shows various items, machines and numerous photographs and documents closely linked to the history of this area and its people.

    The story starts with a threshing floor, next to which there is an exhibition on wheat threshing and the invention and development of threshing machines.

    The exhibition continues with a permanent exhibition of about fifty historic tractors and various types of engines called Tractor Story. Particularly prominent is an old Fordson tractor from 1923, the first tractor in the village, as well as an old engine with a heated head, which was used to run a mill in Poreč at the beginning of the last century.

    In the exclusive area of the Konobon Gallery, visitors can learn more about the story of the Mediterranean trilogy – bread, wine and olive oil, all present in this area from the period of Antiquity, during the medieval period until the present day. Along with these exhibitions, the central part is an area where various other exhibitions are presented along with a wine cellar where guest can savour authentic products of this area.


    Silvio Legović
    +385 (0)52 421 333

  • Antun Motika XIV

    02.05.2014 - 31.12.2014

    Pula-Pola, Gradska galerija Pula (Gallery)

    Selection from the permanent exhibition of the donation

    Gradska galerija Pula (Gallery)
    Kandlerova 8

    Selection from the permanent exhibition of the donation

    Working hours:
    10-14, 18-21, Saturday 10-13, Sundays closed


    Zbirka Antun Motika
    +385 (0)52 639 334

  • Truffle days in Istria

    06.09.2014 - 30.11.2014

    Buzet, Motovun, Livade

    The truffle is the supreme delicacy that had been enjoyed by the Mesopotamian rulers 4000 years ago, and it is still one of the most prestigious foodstuffs in world gastronomy. This intense flavour royal mushroom was known to the ancient Greeks and the Roman emperors, and it was also served at the French court and among the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy. It is very rare and it grows only in several locations in Europe - in some parts of France and Italy and in Istria, favoured by mild climate, small temperature variations and gray clay soil.

    The white and the black truffles have their natural habitat in the Istrian truffle 'Bermuda' triangle between Pazin, Buje and Buzet, especially in the valley of the river Mirna and in the Motovun Forest. They grow underground, and they are searched after by specially trained dogs.

    October is the top season of the white truffles, which are also the most expensive and the most valuable truffles. At that time, numerous events are held  very weekend to celebrate this indisputable king of mushrooms in Livade, the well-known truffles  centre near Motovun. But, even before and after this period, throughout most of the autumn, Istria lives in the rhythm of truffles with the abundance of festivities dedicated to this noble mushroom.

    The guests that come from the whole region are presented with the typical truffle dishes: fuži, pljukanci, gnocchi, fritada and various meat combinations. There are also many exhibitions and fairs, with plenty of excellent opportunities to meet the world of this magic, aromatic tuber known for its aphrodisiac features.


    13.09. Buzet, Square Fontana

    Subotina with Giant Truffles Omelette (2014 eggs and 10 kg truffles)

    21.09. - 02.11. Livade
    Zigante Truffle Days

    25.10. Motovun, Square Andrea Antico
    V. TeTa

    Teran and truffle festival

    05.10. Sovinjak
    Bela nedeja

    White Sunday, popular festivity with the offer of truffles and homemade products

    25.10. - 26.10. Livade
    XXI. Tuberfest

    The white truffle fair
    Truffle exhibition
    Celebrity show cooking
    Truffle auction sale
    Truffle search demonstration
    Agricultural products fair

    03.11. - 11.11. Momjan
    Days of Momjan Muscat and Truffles

    Muscat wine and truffle festival and tasting

    08.11. - 09.11. Buzet
    Truffle Weekend

    Exhibition and fair of truffles and homemade autochthonous products


    TZ Istra
    T. +385 52 88 00 88

  • Zigante Truffle Days

    21.09.2014 - 02.11.2014


    Truffle Days 2014

    Truffle Days 2014

    Sunday, September 21st
    Sunday, September 27th & Sunday, September 28th
    Saturday, October 4th & Sunday, October 5th
    Saturday, October 11th & Sunday, October 12th
    Saturday, October 18th & Saturday, October 19th
    Saturday, October 25th & Saturday, October 26th
    Friday, October 31st, Saturday, November 1st & Sunday, November 2nd


    Livade Tartufi
    + 385 52 664 302, +385 91 477 7410

  • Umag Welldays

    01.10.2014 - 02.11.2014


    As the hot summer ends, it is necessary to prepare your body and mind for the long, cold winter that lies ahead. And the Well Days, during the month of October, provide the perfect way to achieve that.

    In October, the wellness centres of the hotels Sol Umag, Sol Garden Istra and Meliá Coral offer special wellness programs including the accommodation in luxury hotels, half-board service and everyday visit to wellness centres, complete with the use of saunas, whirlpools, indoor swimming pools and other facilities.

    Wellness Centres in Umag:
    • The Fusion Spa at hotel Meliá Coral
    • Istrian Relax Village at hotel Sol Umag
    • The Body Holiday at hotel Sol Garden Istra

    >> Umag Welldays


    Istraturist d.d.
    T.+385 (0)52 700 700

  • Livio Ceschin

    11.10.2014 - 07.11.2014

    Rovinj-Rovigno, MMC

    Solo exhibition


    Solo exhibition


    POU Rovinj
    T: +385 (0)52 830 300

  • Gastronomic Autumn of South Istria

    17.10.2014 - 26.10.2014

    Pula-Pola, Vodnjan-Dignano, Fažana-Fasana, Ližnjan-Lisignano

    Days of mushrooms and gilthead breams

    Days of mushrooms and gilthead breams

    Gastronomic Autumn of South Istria will be held from October 17 to October 26 in Pula, Fažana, Vodnjan and Ližnjan. The Gastronomic Autumn offers mushrooms and gilthead bream at a wide range of catering facilities at popular prices.

    Prices are popular, the price for a two course meal is 80 HRK while the price for a three-course meal is 120 HRK.
    New gathering at the Gastronomic Autumn of South Istria is scheduled from November 14 to November 23.


    TZ Pula
    Forum 3 +385 (0)52 219 197


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