• Today's Menu: 50 years of Tourism and Hospitality Management School in Poreč

    05.12.2014 - 08.05.2015

    Poreč-Parenzo, Galerija Sinčić (Sinčić Gallery)


    Galerija Sinčić (Sinčić Gallery)


    The Today's Menu exhibition: 50 years of Tourism and Hospitality Management School in Poreč was set up on the ocassion of the 50th anniversary of Anton Štifanić Tourism and Hospitality Management School in Poreč.

    The exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Museum of Poreč, the Tourism and Hospitality Management School and the local community. It is the result of a joint research work between authors and associates. It does not only depict the history of the school and its educational tourism and hospitality curricula but also provides an image of the town of Poreč as a tourist destination in the observed period.

    A selection of objects documenting a half-century long tradition of educating tourism and hospitality staff was displayed at the exhibition.

  • Antiques and art fair on Fridays

    01.01.2015 - 31.12.2015

    Poreč-Parenzo, Drvored (Viale)

    International exhibitors of antiques fair

    08:00 - 15:00 h

    Drvored (Viale)

    International exhibitors of antiques fair

    Furniture, paintings, timepieces, jewelry, silver and porcelain, ethno collections, etc.
    Every Friday till the end of year.


    Udruga antikvara Eufrazijana
    +385 91 132 2583

  • Istra Gourmet Tour

    22.01.2015 - 02.04.2015

    Višnjan, Roč, Pula

    Gastronomic event

    Gastronomic event

    The event is organized by the Association of caterers and employees in tourism of Istrian county. It will be held twice a month from September to April 2015 in the Istrian restaurants which will offer menus at a promotional price of 120 HRK.


    Konoba Milena

    Konoba Valter-Kolinasi

    Restaurant Karlo


    Ceh ugostitelja i turističkih djelatnika Istarske županije

  • Wellness Moments

    13.02.2015 - 29.03.2015

    Umag-Umago, Novigrad-Cittanova

    Are you longing for full rest for body and soul? Are you looking for repose from everyday stress? Have you decided to treat yourself with beauty treatment, massage or sauna?

    In the period between 13th February and 29th March the Northwestern Istria is just what you need! The Wellness Moments are offering you an excellent opportunity to experience all advantages of relaxation in modern wellness centres in Umag and Novigrad.

    Do something different for your health, beauty and inner balance and meet the spring revived and filled with new energy.


    Istraturist Umag, Laguna Novigrad
    +385 52 700 700, +385 52 858 600

  • Days of seashells

    16.02.2015 - 23.03.2015

    Umag, Novigrad, Buje, Brtonigla

    Gastronomic offer in the restaurants

    Gastronomic offer in the restaurants

    Gurmands will have an opportunity to savour delicious sea morsels at the Days of seashells.

    Restaurants will offer imaginative menus at favourable prices! The culinary delicacies will be paired with premium local wines and olive oils this region is renowned for far and wide.

    Istrian shells - scallops, mussels, sea truffles, Noah’s arks, queen scallops and oysters have a special flavour owing to clean sea. They are brought to the plate both wild-grown and cultivated. The shell cultivation tradition can be traced back to antiquity and scallops are most frequently harvested from the waters off the west coast of Istria, in the vicinity of a fresh water source, primarily at the estuary of the river of Mirna, known for premium samples.

    To find out what’s on the specially prepared menus and at which restaurants top chefs are going to create new gourmet experiences for your palate visit


    Cluster Umag-Novigrad
    +385 52 757 075

  • Istarska rivijera - Istrian Riviera

    28.02.2015 - 05.04.2015

    Umag-Umago, Poreč-Parenzo, Pula-Pola, Rovinj-Rovigno, Vrsar-Orsera

    Cycle tennis tournaments

    Cycle tennis tournaments

    Since it is associated with the very beginnings of significant tennis development on the Istrian peninsula as well as with the beginnings of tennis' association with tourism, the Istrian Riviera tennis tournament has gained the status of an institution among regional sport events.

    Croatia F3 Futures - Umag  28.02.2015 - 08.03.2015 
    Croatia F4 Futures - Poreč  07.03.2015 - 15.03.2015
    Croatia F5 Futures - Pula  14.03.2015 - 22.03.2015
    Croatia F6 Futures - Rovinj  21.03.2015 - 29.03.2015 
    Croatia F7 Futures - Vrsar  28.03.2015 - 05.04.2015


    Top Spin
    Jurkovićeva 17, Zagreb T.+385 (0)1 369 3690, F.+385 (0)1 363 47

  • Woman

    03.03.2015 - 17.03.2015

    Poreč-Parenzo, Galerija Galija (Galija Gallery)

    Woman's Day Exhibition

    10:00 - 13:00 h

    Galerija Galija (Galija Gallery)

    Woman's Day Exhibition

    All art works are sold for charity.


    Likovna udruga Poreč


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