• Nema više ču ču ču… - No more choo choo choo...

    13.11.2015 - 12.11.2016

    Pazin, Muzej grada Pazina

    Exhibition on Istrian railway history

    Muzej grada Pazina

    Exhibition on Istrian railway history

    Building of the Istrian National Railway (in German, Istrianer Staatsbahn) Divača – Pula with the extension Kanfanar – Rovinj has fundamentally changed the lives of the people of Istria. Its building enabled faster, safer and more enjoyable travels and transport on the territory of Istria, as well as to more distant centres of the Habsburg Monarchy. The building was induced by both military and civil interests regarding the connection of Pula, i. e. Istria with the railway network of the Monarchy.
    Construction works of the Istrian Railway lasted from 1874 to 1876.


    Muzej grada Pazina
    Trg Istarskog razvoda 1, Pazin +385 (0)52 616 866

  • Antiques and art fair on Fridays

    01.01.2016 - 31.12.2016

    Poreč-Parenzo, Drvored (Viale)

    International exhibitors of antiques fair

    08:00 - 15:00 h

    Drvored (Viale)

    International exhibitors of antiques fair

    Furniture, paintings, timepieces, jewelry, silver and porcelain, ethno collections, etc.
    Every Friday till the end of year.


    Udruga antikvara Eufrazijana
    +385 (0)91 132 2583

  • 1st Industrial Art Biennale

    02.03.2016 - 30.09.2016


    The first edition of the Industrial Art Biennale – IAB in Labin will be held from March 2 to 30 September 2016. More than eighty top contemporary artists from around the world will take part in the Bienniale.
    The central event is an exhibition of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, German master Joseph Beuys.

    The aim of the Biennale is to make the town 'live' with the contemporary art, therefore art works will be placed in the Town Gallery, the National Museum Labin, a new exhibition space on Pijacal, Cultural Center Lamparna and the public library, as well as other public and private spaces across town.


    TZ Labin-Rabac
    Aldo Negri 20 T. +385 (0)52 855560

  • Exhibition of the glass factory in Pula

    03.03.2016 - 05.05.2016

    Pula-Pola, Sveta srca


    Sveta srca


    The exhibition represents a cross section of the glass factory which last year celebrated 60 years of continuous work. Visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about what was produced in the factory, from laboratory glass to many interesting products of different use like the glass part of the Winter Olympics torch in Salt Lake City or navigation light for Airbuses.

    The central part of the area displays the current production and the display also includes devices and interesting exhibits which were used throughout history. It's a multimedia exhibition and a part of the glass factory history is represented through video clips.

    The exhibition can be visited daily from 9 am to 21 pm and the admission is free for all visitors.


    Muzejsko galerijiski prostor Sveta srca
    De Villeov uspon 8

  • Days of istrian asparagus

    21.03.2016 - 15.05.2016

    Umag-Umago, Novigrad-Cittanova, Buje-Buie, Brtonigla-Verteneglio

    Gastronomic event dedicated to asparagus

    Gastronomic event dedicated to asparagus

    During March, April and May, the 9th Days of Istrian Asparagus will give true "asparagus lovers" an opportunity to relish in imaginative, delicious and fragrant delicacies made from Istrian wild asparagus, ranging from the renowned "fritaja" (omelettes), soups, homemade pastas and risottos to ingenious combinations with meat and fish and scrumptious desserts.

    Asparagus is one of the most appreciated wild plant varieties growing in Istria, picked from mid March to late April. Since it grows in less accessible places, often protected by thorny bushes, its picking requires eye of a hawk, iron will and not being afraid of an occasional scratch.

    Food, medicine, aphrodisiac....It's no wonder that we dedicated an entire manifestation to this plant.
    Asparagus lovers don't miss the Days of Istrian Asparagus!

  • Open door days of gallery Agata

    25.03.2016 - 26.06.2016


    Selling art exhibition and entertainment program

    Selling art exhibition and entertainment program


    Galerija-atelier Agata, TZ Novigrad
    +385 52 757 075

  • Regatta Pesaro - Rovinj - Pesaro

    28.04.2016 - 02.05.2016

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Rovinjski akvatorij (Rovinj Aquatorium)

    International sailing regatta

    Rovinjski akvatorij (Rovinj Aquatorium)

    International sailing regatta

    The 32nd Pesaro–Rovinj–Pesaro regatta will be held this year as a continuation of the centuries-long tradition of adventure seeking and sailing on the courses sailed by traditional two-masted coasters known as Trabakuls. Eighty crews from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia have entered the race.


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