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Share Istria: New stage of Share Istria marked by millenial and Z generation

BrioniMillenial and Z generation representatives and social media celebrities Veronica Bielik and Shirin Al Athrus marked the new stage of the Share Istria campaign, carried out on in May and June by the Istria Tourist Board. After the visit of American Scott Eddy and Hungarian Mikhail Tenazas, first of the 16 globally known influencers, bloggers and authors in the field of travel who have already visited Istria, it was turn on two young influencers followed by multimillion younger population on social media from different parts of the world, to experience the Istrian itinerary.

Al Althrus has after her flight with Turkish Airlines arrived at the Melia Coral hotel in Umag, and published a post that got more than hundred thousand likes from her million audiences. After lunch at the Toni restaurant in Zambratija, she went to the south of Istria and visited the Brijuni National Park and the Amphiteather in Pula. In the post with almost fifty thousand likes, she presented Brijuni to the Z generation as a hidden gem of Croatia. On most of her Instagram Stories was the Amphiteather in Pula, as well as photos which she shared with her followers - mostly peers from culturally diverse, distant countries. She also visited high - valued Chiavalon refinery and Prodan Tartufi truffles shop, where she met the truffle hunting tradition. From Aminess hotel in Novigrad she went to Rovinj. In a video that has more than seventy thousand views, she shared a part of everyday life from the old town, which is described as the most romantic spot of the peninsula. In the restaurants Adriatic, Blue and Stari Podrum (Old Cellar) she tried homemade ravioli, traditional Istrian pasta called pljukanci and fish, while in the north - west of Istria she visited Grožnjan, Momjan, Umag and Novigrad. Before leaving, she shared with her fans a picture of Rovinj, as she says - her favourite place in Istria.

Photo credit: Instagram / @shireeenz

Bielik began her Istrian adventure at Toni Restaurant in Zambratija where, as she shared on Instagram, was delighted with the local Olio di Bušča oil and Istrian grappa Biska. Her photo from the city's waterfront in Novigrad has in a record time collected more than hundred thousand likes and almost thousand comments. Similar was with her post from the Rivalmare hotel. Through her Instagram Stories,her followers could see her visit of the Euphrasian Basilica and lunch at Divino restaurant. Most of her Stories were made during her visit to Buzet, where she was especially impressed with truffle hunting with Karlić Tartufi, as well as their grappa. If judged by her comments about the sausage and cheese meal, the Istrian breakfast is very appealing to young travelers. Attractive photography from the picturesque Hum has received more than hundred thousand likes. Despite the bad weather, Bielik visited Grožnjan, the Amphitheater in Pula, the Croatian Defender's House, Ribarska Koliba resort and Poreč, city which delighted her with its magical streets and passages. She praises Rovinj because of the coast and clear sea, and her post from Motovun she compares Istria with Italian Toscany. After visiting the restaurants Lanterna and Puntulina, and the Valentino Champagne & Cocktail bar, Bielik tried out the popular Zip line above the Pazin Cave - photo of the adrenaline crossing over the cave gathered more than eighty thousand likes. Before leaving Istria, Bielik visitied the newly opened Roxanich Hotel that left her speechles with its wine offering and attractive location.

Photo credit: Instagram / @veronicabielik

The fact that young travellers - explorers with a global reach can in Istria easily find interesting places and events, experiences that inspire them and food that suits their tastes, speaks about the richness, authenticity and complexity of our destination, behind which are stakeholders working together and constant upgrade of the tourist product, says the County Tourist Board.

The itinerary for the influencers is made by the Istria Tourist Board, but also suited for each type of traveler. It includes introduction to the gourmet offer, wines and olive oils, interesting tradition like truffle hunting, visit to the picturesque destinations like Grožnjan and Motovun and other numerous attractions and experiences across the peninsula.

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