Fishing with the local fishermen

Perhaps you are a fishing enthusiast or want to see what it is like to go fishing with fishermen from Fažana. The waters of Fažana are rich in white and oily fish and it is truly exciting to catch fish or watch fishermen hauling in nets full of fish in the early morning hours or late afternoon.

M/B “Luna”
Tomasic Danica
M: +385 (0)98 932 5714, +385 (0)98 402 341

M/B “Vito-Bepo”
Kostešić Čedomir
M: +385 (0)98 131 6434

Fishing license
Grab your fishing gear and head out to sea! Regardless of whether you are a beginner fishing with fishing line wound on a reel of styrofoam or you want a larger catch and use a rod and reel, for recreational fishing from land or at sea, for Croatian or foreign citizens, a fishing license is always required.

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Fishing with the local fishermen
Fishing with the local fishermen