Experience Funtana

The Springs

Springs of fresh water that gave the name to the village are right next to the seashore and on the same elevation of the sea surface. Yet they are giving fresh drinking water. Not too long ago the springs were used by the inhabitants of Poreč region as well as by the population of inner Istria, due to the fact they never run dry. People used to come here for water with their carriages.

These springs were used for the water supply system, partially subterranean, and according to the archaeologists still partially visible, constructed for the spacious and luxurious Roman villa on the point Zorna in Zelena Laguna. It was built in the 2nd century and it had, among all other features, two peristyles and the pompously constructed thermae.

The pier in the harbour was used not only by the loggers of the villa, but also by the boats that sailed along the western Istrian coast. Next to it there were the pools with fresh water from Funtana-Fontane, since the boats couldn't dock in shallow waters near the springs.

One of the springs is called Perila (washer) since women used to wash the clothes in there.