Parish church of Saint Bernard

Parish church of St. Barnard is one nave building with the sacristy, built in 1621, extended in 1941 and reconstructed in 1988. The bell tower from 17th century, refurbished in the year 2000. It is 34 metres high. On the memorial plate in the church, where one of the Borisi family lies, there is a coat of arms of the noble family.

In the left side altar there is a painting of Virgin with Child, St. Dominic and St, Catherine called Our Virgin of the Holy Beads. This oil painting of an unknown artist is believed to be from the beginning of the 17th century and is painted in the manner of the early Venetian baroque.

It has been placed at the altar again after restauration in 1994. Behind the altar there is a valuable painting presenting Holly Mother with a Child and saints. The painting is the most valuable work of art kept in Funtana-Fontane. It was restored recently and according to the style there are two separate themes:
upper image of the Holly Mother with a Child is renaissance, while the lower part of the painting presenting saints, belongs to a baroque period. The author is unknown. On the side altars there are sculptures of Blessed Virgin Mary of Sorrow, St. Bernard and St. Anthony of Padua. Above the main door there is a choir. Right side altar keeps a portrait of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, a cardinal and Zagreb arch bishop (1898-1960), known in the world for his courage and communist punishment. This oil painting was done by Vladimir Pavlinic. Painting was blessed in 1999.

Above the entrance there is a quire with organs built in 1878, a gift from the Catholics of Weinheim, Germany.