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Experience of mining heritage and tradition

Mine Tour: Labin invites you ...
In order to fully experience the mining heritage, we bring you a list of caterers and craftsmen of the Labin region who offer products related to mining, from black pizza and mining brunch to Karbon gin and works of art and souvenirs that you can take as a memento of your Labin mining adventure.

• Cafe Restaurant Velo Kafe, Titov trg 12
Labinski krafi (ravioli like pasta) and black risotto with cuttlefish
• Pizzeria Napoli, Titov trg 7
Pizza Carbon 1921 and Kovarska marenda (Miner’s Brunch)
• Caffe Bar Karbon, Zelenice 11
Karbun, Istrian premium gin
• Pizzeria Pineta, Zelenice 18
Kova je naša (The Mine is Ours) and Labinka (Girl from Labin) Pizzas
• Alvona Gallery & Vinka Šaina Art Studio, G. Martinuzzi 15
Graphic sheets "Far Horizons"
• Souvenir Shop Merania, 1. maja 4
Locally crafted mining souvenirs

• Hotel Villa Annette, Raška 24
Carbon story of olive oil - Villa Annette Selection and Miners’ pasutice pasta with salted sardines and cod


Tips for visiting

Rabac is the most important tourist centre on the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula located only five kilometres from Labin. It is also called the "pearl of Kvarner".

Sentona's Trail
This trail, almost two and a half kilometres long, stretches along the main road along the entire length of Rabac, at the foot of the old town, all the way to the Maslinica Cove in Rabac Bay. It abounds in streams and rapids, and the biggest attractions are the multi-meter waterfalls that overflow over the winding travertine barriers.

Raša is the youngest town in Istria, and whose history begins in the 1930s. The town was built for the needs of miners and mining in the valley of the Krapna stream. In this new town, workers' houses along two parallel streets meet in the square with a church in the shape of an inverted wagon and a bell tower like a mining lamp.

ARSIA Mining House
The rich heritage of mining life is authentically displayed in the Arsia Centre, a small mining museum. The museum is located on Raška Square and directly offers the visitor a unique experience of the former work and life of Raška miners.

Dubrova Sculpture Park
One of the most beautiful Croatian sculpture parks offers unique moments of art and nature in an open gallery which covers 33 hectares and is partly surrounded by a dry-stone wall, with natural valleys and rich and diverse characteristic Mediterranean flora.

Bike trails
The Labin region abounds in bike trails. Some of the most interesting are Bella Vista, Teran, Bistrooka, Istarski razvod and Liburnia.


INFORMATION: Labin Town Tourist Board
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  • The Mine Tour project addresses the challenge of the untapped tourist potential of a mining heritage. The Šoht cultural monument in Labin and the natural monument of the Sitarjevec mine in Litija (Slovenia) are connected by a cross-border connection and a common mining past. As part of the project, a tourist itinerary was developed that connects the mining heritage of both cities. www.mine-tour.eu.