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Mine Tour: The Republic of Labin

The armed uprising of the miners of the Labin region from 1921, known as the "The Republic of Labin" (Labinska republika), was the first organized anti-fascist uprising in the world and the first socialist experiment of workers' self-government in the Mediterranean.

After the strike was announced, the miners occupied the mine and organized self-government, continuing to produce and sell coal for themselves, defending themselves with weapons.

"The Republic of Labin" lasted 37 days and the people involved were miners of different ethnic groups: Croats, Italians, Slovenes, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Poles. Workers' solidarity did not know national origin.

»» Mining heritage of Labin
»» In memory of the miner and fighter
»» Šoht, the steel tower
»» Experience of mining heritage and tradition


  • The Mine Tour project addresses the challenge of the untapped tourist potential of a mining heritage. The Šoht cultural monument in Labin and the natural monument of the Sitarjevec mine in Litija (Slovenia) are connected by a cross-border connection and a common mining past. As part of the project, a tourist itinerary was developed that connects the mining heritage of both cities. www.mine-tour.eu