Hiking trail: St. Simeon - Gračišće

Trail length: 10 km
Trail duration: 3 hours

The hiking trail starts with slope which is situated at the 100 meters distance from the old church. It is the church of St. Simeon, which date back from the 14th or 15th century, restored 2005 and before that, at the 1902 as it is stated on the lintel of the entrance door.

After twenty minutes of climbing down you arrive to the Žlepčari, a small village of the former millers. Three of local mills are now in ruins.
The trail continues along the streambed which was named Zabod in the Austrian documents at the beginning of 19th century. This name probably originated from the name Sopot, the name of the waterfall to which you will arrive after a fifteen minute walk from Žlepčari. By the old bridge, the stream falls to previously mentioned Sopot, one of the most beautiful Istrian waterfalls.

After a short rest by the waterfall Sopot, further you are expected to climb up the Škrbanski hill. Uphill, by  walking slowly, for a little less than half an hour you will arrive to village Lovrić, and from there continue to the Church of Saint Stephen at the local cemetery, where nearby is situated 15 meters high tower.

By returning to Gračišće, you will need 40 more minutes to walk slowly along the ridge of the hill under which the deep cuts are falling down. These cuts which are million of years old are composed of sand with layers of marl and limestone sediments. Along the way you’ll often stop ​​to enjoy in this unusual landscape.

The Hill that is in front of you rises to the west, with its 469 meters altitude, which is the highest in the region and except for its height and it is worth to point it out because of its name. It is called Perunčevac or Perunkovac. This hill is named after the Old Slavic god of the sun, lightning, justice, harvest and war Perun.

The trail will take you along the gravel road that stretches through east slope of Peruncevac, and will lead to a chapel dedicated to Saint Familiy, in front of Gračišće itself.