The Church of the Mother of God on the Square (Gračišće)

A Late-Gothic church of the Mother of God, dominating the Square, was built to the right side of the Town Gate by Master Dento in 1425 to the order of the local villager-nobleman Petar Beračić. This fact witnesses that in the Middle Ages there was a privileged class, which had money to build churches, but also profane building such as the Salomon Place. The internal eastern wall of the church is covered over its whole length by a large wall painting depicting the Adoration of the Magi, originating from the same period. Many would ask what the nails driven between the blocks of the external wall of this beautiful church mean. The legend says that over the times, on the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, childless women would drive in the nails believing that they would conceive by Devine Mercy.

Chapel of St. Anthony
Next to the Church stands the Chapel of St. Anthony, built by Master Almerigo in 1381 with regularly cut stone blocks. The Chapel was renovated in 1486 by Pascasius, Bishop of Pićan, born at Gračišće.