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Frescoes of Istria: St. Anthony Church

At the beginning of the road, leading from Višnjan to Poreč, stands St. Anthony’s Church, harmonious Gothic edifice with regularly arranged and dressed stone blocks, with a slate roof and bell gable on the facade.

Here we find legends from the life of St. Anthony the Abbot and fragments of the Christological cycle. St. Anthony is seated on the throne in the center of the sanctuary wall. Below him on the left side is St. Veronica holding a cloth that bears the image of Christ’s face, and on the right side is St. Helen of the Cross kneeling. Below them are the figures of the St. Anthony confraternity.

The scenes on the side walls are smaller and the spatial disposition of the figures inconvincible. An unusual motif attracts attention: Temptation of St. Anthony - a beautiful woman raises her skirt wishing to seduce him.