Istrian Pasta Festival

Pasta and all that jazz!

After wine, olive oil, Istrian dried ham and cheese, it’s also time for traditional pasta dishes from Istria. The event to take place in Žminj will highlight pasta's rightful place in Istrian cuisine. The aim of promoting and holding this event is to preserve and foster the local tradition and encourage the protection and valorisation of indigenous pasta. The event provides support to local manufacturers in their efforts to preserve indigenous pastas and in their creativity to develop new products.

The food event will be held in Zat Kaštela Square behind the old Church of Saint Michael, under the old chestnut trees, and it will seek to unite the traditional with the modern in Istrian cuisine. Visit the rustic stalls and the kitchen decorated especially for the occasion, to the pleasant surroundings lit with lampions and candles. Enjoy yourselves, taste and buy pasta, sauces and cheese.

The rich and diverse programme - from the food show to workshops on how to make pasta, from children's workshops to a presentation of new and old recipes - is sure to satisfy every visitor. You might find a novelty dish by the top masters or learn one of their secrets, or maybe you’ll come up with a new idea of your own, one you will fall in love with and use in your own kitchen.