15th FESS: Feast of fig and fig cake


  • Barban


  • 19.09.20



About the event:

Gastronomic event dedicated to fig

In the Istrian climate figs represent a delicious, refreshing, summer fruit whilst dried figs covered with icing sugar are a much-loved winter delicacy. In the coastal part of Istria, offering guests dry figs and brandy is a welcoming ritual. On Barban square, during the feast of figs and fig cakes, marmalades and brandies made of figs, dry figs and many other cakes made of figs will be offered. Everything will be served on beautifully decorated stands. On every table the inevitable fig cakes, which were also made by our predecessors will be offered. Visitors will have the opportunity to try Hlibe od smokav, fig bread, and only one lucky person will get to know the rigorously kept recipe. This real homemade delicacy used to be a symbol of poverty but today, its quality promotes Barban throughout the gastronomic world.