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House for boats: jump into the miraculous world of the islands of Brijuni

While you leave picturesque Fažana in the furrow of waves behind you, in front of you is a miraculous view over the Brijuni archipelago –group of islands and islets with an extremely long and turbulent past, interwoven with the wonders of nature and man in a story that should be told carefully. It is precisely this story about the area’s cultural and historical past as well as the natural heritage of these islands that has been preserved in the picturesque secession House for boats dating back to the 19th century. This permanent exhibition is divided into six thematic units, presented in an innovative and interactive way, filled with hidden corners that are waiting to be revealed. Start exploring from the Brijuni time machine where you can discover the most important events from the past, from the time dinosaurs walked around these islands up until President Tito stayed here. The room dedicated to the Brijuni archipelago has been imagined in an intriguing and interactive way, while the rich land world of Brijuni’s flora and fauna can be explored from a 19th century biological laboratory. Of course, that which goes on underwater is an extremely important part of Brijuni, so the room dedicated to the sea world is decorated in an extremely luxurious way. The remaining two thematic units are called Threat and Consciousness and are two interrelated themes. In conclusion, you will enter a room reminding you that all nature that surrounds us too, and is an inseparable part of the perfection we must strive to preserve.

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