Austro-Hungarian legacy and avant-garde architecture

The Secession Horthy Villa

The Horthy Villa on Veruda was erected on the area reserved for the naval elite, including Miklos Horthy de Nagybanya, the youngest Austro-Hungarian Counter Admiral. His villa is one of the most interesting architectural buildings of modern architecture in Pula.

The Miklos Horthy residence is a distinctive combination of styles introducing Pula to new architectural elements of the time. German Gothic and Renaissance as well as the Alpine-folk elements are visible primarily in the pointy roofs and a tall round tower with a cone-like roof. Wavy gables on the facades together with the wreath of suspended arches contribute to the overall impression.

The Arsenal

Underground tunnels - Zerostrasse

Raša - the town monument

The Riviera Hotel

The building of the Faculty of Philosophy in Pula