Austro-Hungarian legacy and avant-garde architecture

The Secession Wolff Villa

Located on the attractive position above the Volkana Bay, so-called Stoja, the Wolff Villa is a true example of the 20th century architectural and construction novelties. This exquisite art creation is the work of architect Alberto Glaser from 1913.

The building is a detached two-storey structure with a magnificent balance and rhythm between free dimensions and the volume seen in large corner terraces and the semi-circular fence. The Wolff Villa has an interestingly established park surrounding the house. Although of small dimensions, the garden is a masterpiece of the park landscape thanks to its stone pilasters, paths, semi-circular lines of terraces and the staircase, and its stone fountain.

The sculpture of the wolf (wolff) was placed on the main facade of the Wolff Villa in line with its name and the first owner Georg Ritter Wolff, who was a respected member of Pula, a nobleman and a highly ranking officer of the Austro-Hungarian navy, the frigate captain. Having ended his navy career, Georg Ritter Wolff embarked on painting, especially water painting. His paintings of Pula and its landscapes made him internationally famous.

The Arsenal

Underground tunnels - Zerostrasse

Raša - the town monument

The Riviera Hotel

The building of the Faculty of Philosophy in Pula