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Estate of the Counts Rigo

The (Late) Baroque building complex, erected in 1750, is located in Karpinjan, one kilometre north-west of Novigrad. The country mansion was commissioned by Carlo Rigo, a Novigrad nobleman who left deep and lasting traces in the city's cultural life.

Originally, the complex consisted of the central living quarters, a water reservoir in front of it and stables to both sides, as well as a walled-in canopied patio. Continuing the original architectural idea, between the two World Wars a modern concrete barn with silos was built at the northern end of the yard, as was common practice in the region, owing to the intensive cultivation of land during the Italian Fascist rule. The central building and one of the two stables with a hayloft have remained intact until the present, while the second stable building was adapted into a residence some decades ago.

The Rigo mansion is a peripheral, pronouncedly consistent and comparatively well preserved example of an architectural style that was cultivated in Koper and Piran under considerable influence of Venice. Certainly, the buildings are in a poor state of repair today, but it is precisely for this reason, that a series of structures and interior decorations may be seen preserved practically in their original state



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