Istrian building heritage of the Venetian era

The Parish House in Poreč

Romanesque double lancet windows embellishing the first floor of the Parish House in Poreč came from an earlier building. The structure is one of only several preserved profane buildings.

The parish house or the Romanesque canonica, occupied by the Poreč parish priest even today, is one of the rarely preserved profane Romanesque structures. According to the facade inscription, it was built in 1251. The two-storey building was erected from dressed stone blocks. There is a row of windows on its main facade, to the left and right of the main entrance portal. Rectangular, somewhat smaller windows are positioned a bit higher on its ground floor, while the first floor is embellished by a row of Romanesque double lancet windows. Individual architectural elements such as the 6th century columns or the double lancet capitals as well as three small niches around the main portal were taken from an older structure. The above mentioned year of the construction completion was placed in the niches at a later stage.

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