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Ethnographic Collection Kaštelir

Treasury of Memories
Even today many people cherish memories of past times. Vittorio Rossoni started his ethnographic collection completely by chance – while renovating his family house he came across some twenty old household articles that our grandparents used. As time went by this valuable collection grew and became a real testimony of how people once lived in these areas.

The cellar of the old house is full of tools that were once used by carpenters, stone masons, shoe-makers, coopers, blacksmiths, and also musical instruments and personal belongings such as photographs, letters, eye glasses, shaving kit, alarm clock, as well as numerous household articles that tell the story of Istria's past better than words.

Opening hours 2024:
01.01. - 31.12.: on announcement

Kaštelir 113, HR-52464 Kaštelir
T: +385 52 463140, +385 98 9524 313

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