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Museum of Hum Aura

The smallest town in the world, the unique Hum, also hosts a unique museum where you can drink the smallest coffee in the world! The Museum of Hum Aura brings stories about Istria’s past and the traditions, customs and crafts of the local residents and their way of life.

Hum is the cradle of creation and the centre of Glagolitic culture, so you can write a postcard in the Glagolitic alphabet from the museum and send it from the room used as the post office. In the themed room dedicated to the pharmacy, you can prepare a cream from plants that grow in this area, and then taste biska, a type of Istrian brandy, from an old wooden barrel, and hand-write the label on the biska bottle.

Museum of Hum Aura
Hum 8, HR-52425 Roč

Open: all year round
Working hours: 10:00 - 18:00
Contact for visit:
+385 91 269 4254

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