Sweet February: honey and Carnival fritule

February is the month when winter usually shows its harsh face, but, along with plenty of sunny days, Istria offers fun that will quickly warm you up during those days too!

med pazinSaint Valentine, celebrated on the 14th of the month, played a big role in recognizing February as the month of lovers, and what pairs best with love, but sweet flavours!

To begin with, there are the Days of honey delicacies, where taverns and restaurants in central Istria prepare special seasonal pleasures for you. Excellent dishes, enriched with bee products for this occasion, are prepared from top-quality ingredients produced on local family farms.

Honey enthusiasts can really enjoy Istria throughout the month of February because Honey days also take place in Pazin. Beekeeping in central Istria is characterized by a very long tradition, and a number of awards show that its honey is almost unrivalled in Europe even today.

But what kind of February would it be without the laughter and joy that predominate carnival days. Pull out old costumes from your wardrobe or tailor new ones, paint your faces with vivid colours and join the parades of playful masquerades with which we chase away winter and call for spring!

Dress up, visit the most colourful places from our list and, of course, enjoy traditional treats - fritule and kroštule!

The end of the carnival is marked by the traditional trial of Pust, a masked puppet made of straw and old clothes. His burning represents the banishing of sins that were committed and the mischief caused during the carnival madness.

We invite you to a wild carnival in Istria!

pulski karneval