Top 5 Attractions for Culture Enthusiasts in Istria

If you would like to get to know cultural sights of the destination, now it is the right time to discover attractions which will reveal the authentic side of Istria and diversity. We believe that you will find out that Istria is an ideal destination for all culture and history enthusiasts.

Pula Arena

Must-see attraction
Did you know that the Arena in Pula was named after the Latin word harena which means sand? Long ago, after the gladiator fights ended, the ground floor of the Amphitheatre was covered with sand. Today, the Arena is a unique stage where popular musicians and actors perform. Performers, along with the audience, admire this Pula Beauty.


Walls that tell the story from the past

If you would like to explore the cultural heritage of centraI Istria, we advise you to begin your journey in Dvigrad, a medieval castle whose only remains are its walls and basilica at the top. Besides Dvigrad, throughout Istria, you can find castles and forts that were once used to serve as defence fortifications.

Eufrasiana Porec

UNESCO World Heritage

Euphrasius’ basilica is the most famous cultural-historical monument of the town of Poreč which has been included on the UNESCO world heritage list. Its distinctiveness are the mosaics that enrich the central part of the basilica which will not leave any visitor indifferent.

Everything about the history of frescoes in one place
In Draguć, a little place near Cerovlje, the House of frescos is located. Medieval frescoes have been found in sacral buildings of this area and if you plan to visit the church of Saint Rocco, a magnificent view of beauties of central Istria is waiting for you there. It's the right time for Draguć to become one of your must-visit places on your journey through Istria.

Aleja Glagoljaša

The Glagolitic lane from Roč to Hum

If you would like to explore Roč and Hum, we recommend you to visit the Glagolitic lane.
Glagolitic script is an Old Slavic writing system which was used for writing in Istria long ago. The Glagolitic lane with 11 individual monuments reminds us of the past times. You will spend a lot of time outdoors so that a letter or two of the Glagolitic script will surely stay in your memory forever.