Top 5 Must-See Experience Museums

If you’d like to explore Istrian history in a different way, you’re in the right place! We’ve singled out 5 museums in Istria with an authentic offer which guarantee an unforgettable experience and lots of impressions to take home.

Arsia Center, Raša

In Istria’s smallest town, you’ll testify to a unique and upsetting story on mining and miners. Beneath earth’s surface, underneath tons of stones where sunlight and time cease to exist, Istrian miners were surrounded only by darkness.

Enter into the small town square museum through the mining shaft and walk on the original rails with sounds of explosions in the distance. Live a day in the underground world and discover all the mining secrets.
Good luck, good luck, good luck!

The Batana Eco - museum (UNESCO Heritage), Rovinj

If the road has brought you to our most picturesque town - Rovinj - we suggest you take the romantic batana (wooden boat) ride to experience the town in a unique way. The magical journey begins at sunset - batanas light candles which were in the past used for night fishing but today make part of a romantic atmosphere.

Batana, a small wooden boat with a straight bottom, has become the main symbol of the town so much so that the people from Rovinj built a museum to it. It is the first museum on the Mediterranean dedicated to a fishing boat!

Eco - museum Istrian de Dignan, Vodnjan
What’s a kažun? How was bread baked? How were clothes washed and what kind of clothes did people wear? If you visit the Eco - museum Istrian de Dignan, you’ll discover all that as well as many long-forgotten secrets and historic flavors of everyday life in Istria.

Visit Vodnjan, the town with the highest bell tower in Istria and experience a different journey through time, where forgotten customs continue to live.

Museum Olei Histriae, Pula

Continuing your journey to the south of Istria, you’ll arrive to the biggest town on the peninsula. In the town center, a couple of steps away from the amphitheater, you'll find the house of the Istrian olive oil - museum Olei Histriae which will lead you through the past and the present of olive growth.

Every visitor can expect to taste Istrian olive oil and be taught how to taste it properly. After discovering all the secrets behind the making of an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil, buy some of the best to bring with you!

Memo museum, Pula
We’ve left the leap to the not-so-distant past for the end. The Memo museum or the museum of good memories will bring you back to the second half of the twentieth century.
Visitors can touch all the objects in this museum, open drawers and wardrobes, try on the clothes, play an old board game or sit behind the wheel of an old Fiat car or a Thomos motorcycle.
Step with us into Pula everyday life from 1950s to the end of 1980s and experience it differently.