Top 5 unavoidable stops in north-western Istria

It's always a good moment to make a decision where should your next vacation spot be or where to go on a short weekend getaway. We recommend to include north-western Istria in your future vacation plans and therefore we invite you to check and explore everything you can experience in this part of Istria.

Savudrija GrujeFind out what is the name of the cranes in Savudrija
Choose Savudrija as the first stop on your journey through north-western Istria. It is a small fishermen place famous for its Austro-Hungarian lighthouse and it’s not all this small place has to offer.

Long ago, Savudrija didn't have a safe harbour and imaginative fishermen thought of "grue" - famous cranes from Savudrija made of the solid acacia wood that protected ships from the severe weather circumstances.
Today, the ships are protected in the safe harbour and "grue" with magical sunsets embellish the magical photos of the most western cape of Croatia.

Istria Wine and WalkGastronomical and wine oasis in Buje
Buje is a small town located on the hill in the northwestern part of Istria which has a rich history since it was inhabited during the Bronze Age. It had been an economic and traffic centre of north-western Istria for a long time and today is best known for its wine road with 23 wine producers and olive-oil road with which this region abounds in.

Visit wine producers and olive-oil growers, taste the Istrian products and bring a part of the Buje area back home with you. You will surely want to return to this picturesque area!

Hotel San Rocco Unforgettable vacation moments in Brtonigla
Brtonigla with its photogenic shots offers a special experience in every season and if you find yourself on journey through the north-west of Istria, make sure to experience an overnight stay at the San Rocco Heritage hotel.

Each hotel room is specially designed and offers a special atmosphere, luxury wellness surrounded by greenery is a real oasis dedicated to rest and relaxation.

100 milja IstreSports spectacle in Umag
Umag - the summer residence of the Roman nobility is an ideal destination for your vacation, especially if you plan to arrive in Istria by car. It offers high-quality accommodation capacities, beautiful beaches and since it hosts the numerous sports events, it's known as the „town of sports“.
Countless summer and autumn events have put it on the map of the unavoidable events in the pre and post tourist seasons, like the Town Umag Trophy and 100 miles of Istria events. For a wider audience, Umag is known for its 30- year -old tradition as host of the Plava Laguna ATP tournament, tennis spectacle followed by 100.000 people per year.

Novigrad CiborijiThe cultural heritage of Novigrad present at every step
Besides well-preserved nature, magical coast and indescribable beauty of the undersea, this area is also rich in cultural-historical heritage. The part of cultural-historical heritage is protected in the small museums that are worth of visiting.

Lapidarium museum offers one of the most important collections of stone monuments and the musem of modern design itself is an interesting piece of the modern architecture.
Visit towns in the northwest of Istria and enjoy the welcome anywhere you go!