Top 5 Ways to Explore the Inland of Istria

You started your journey to the inland of Istria and you wonder what you will find there. The shadows of 100 - year - old oaks and the view on authentic houses surrounded by fields over which churches hang over are the perfect place for relaxation. You can, also, let yourselves go on adrenaline adventures. The choice is yours....

For all adrenaline lovers
5 kilometres south from Tinjan, where a Roman fort used to stand, you can find Kringa known as the birthplace of Jure Grando - the first European vampire. Kringa has recently become a place of adrenaline vacation for the whole family.

For the truly brave ones, there is the Pazin zip line located above the Pazin cave, whose depth of 100 metres will not leave anyone indifferent and it will boost your adrenaline levels.

Stories on Istrian walls
After you had a well - deserved rest, continue your search of undiscovered treasure hidden inside the churches in the picturesque Istrian towns, villages or hill towns. Frescoes are a living art which drew attention and curiosity among the population with its colours. Take a look inside and let yourselves go to the mysticism of these places and their authentic stories.

Taverns and agritourisms for gourmands out there
After the adrenaline adventure is over, we recommend you to experience the gastronomical journey through Istrian taverns where you will be delighted with the family ambience.

Discover the real tastes in simple foods like omelette or „maneštra“, treat yourselves with the traditional pastry and enjoy the taste of traditional Istrian wine.
Bon appetit!

robinson camp freedom
Relax in a completely different accommodation
The town of Žminj has risen on a hill, in the centre of our heart-shaped peninsula, between the valley of Raša and Lim Draga bays through which the sea tries to connect from the east and the west.

If you are going there and looking for a place to spend the night, we recommend you to visit a unique Robinson campsite accommodation. It is an ideal place to rest in nature far away from the town crowd and rush.

svetvincenat_castleMeet Mare - the “witch” in Svetvinčenat
Svetvinčenat, besides the rich history and architecture, is also known for one of its residents, an interesting historical person - Mare the witch. Long ago, in 1632, Mare the witch from Svetvinčenat was accused by her fellow villagers of being a witch. 300 years later, it has been decided that Mare deserves a new opportunity and with the help of new technology, her spirit was revived in the House of Mare the witch - visitor’s centre where Mare will offer you a warm welcome and invite you to travel through time with her.

There are many charming and unexplored places in the inland of Istria, don't miss to visit it all during your stay in Istria!