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Blue Artery of Green Istria: Experiences on the Mirna River

Only in Istria, you can create so many different memorable experiences on the banks of a river, which is around 50 kilometres long. Follow us from the source to the mouth of the Mirna River!

On the banks of the Mirna River you can find the smallest town in the world, a world-famous truffle location, a superb cliff for rock climbing and a habitat of exotic birds. Its still waters – that is how the Mirna River got its name - are a favourite destination for professional kayakers.

humExplore the smallest town in the world and the waterfalls of the Mirna River  
The source of Mirna is near Hum, the smallest town in the world. According to a legend, it was built by giants using rocks left over from the building of towns in the Mirna valley.

Hum is also called the Town of Biska, a traditional Istrian schnapps made of mistletoe. It is believed that the almost 2000-year-old recipe for biska originated in Hum.

After tasting biska, it is time for a walk to Kotli, an abandoned village once inhabited by rich millers and tailors. The Kotli village is located next to one of the most beautiful parts of the Mirna River course.

Walk to the riverbank and take a photo of the waterfalls that create cauldron-like holes, and that’s how Kotli got their name. Take a rest at a nearby Kotlić tavern.

Hum and Kotli are ideal for a one-day trip, during which you can also visit the nearby towns of Draguć, Grožnjan or Motovun.

buzetClimb the cliffs of the Buzet canyon  
The Mirna River canyon near Buzet is one of the most attractive rock climbing locations in Istria. Choose among five attractive climbing sectors - two in the Mirna canyon, and three in the Pivka River canyon.

After the adrenaline experience, enjoy the view of the meandering course of Mirna and its small waterfalls, and then visit the nearby Buzet. In this small medieval town, renowned for the Truffle Days gastronomic event, restore your energy after arduous climbing by trying a traditional scrambled eggs, fritaja, with truffles.

Find out more about rock climbing in Istria in our article.

motovunGo truffle hunting in the Motovun forest  
In the valley of the Mirna River there is a forest known to all gourmands. In the moist soil of the Motovun forest, you can find the widely known white and black truffles, one of the most recognizable ingredients of traditional Istrian cuisine.

Step into the shade of the Motovun forest and try truffle hunting in the company of dogs with especially keen sense of smell. Find out more about truffle hunting in our article.

After a successful hunt, visit the nearby town of Motovun, after which the forest was named. This hilltop town, famous for its film festival, is a superb location for a panoramic selfie with romantic hills in the background.

Birdwatching at the mouth of the Mirna River  
The mouth of the Mirna River is an important habitat for migration, wintering and nesting of aquatic birds. Here you can watch the dunlins, a Siberian species of nesting birds that fly over Istria in the summer in flocks of approximately thirty birds. Bring your binoculars and the bird quest may begin!  

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