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Protected bivalves of the Istrian seabed

Prugasta povezača - The Zoned Mitre

The Mitra zonata (Marryatt, 1817), commonly named the zoned mitre is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Mitridae, the mitres or mitre snails. The zoned mitre can be found in muddy sea beds and coral beds at depths of 20 m but also up to depths of 100 m. It is very rarely found in the Mediterranean Sea, somewhat more often in the Adriatic Sea and is protected by the Nature Protection Act.

The zoned mitre is very attractive with an elongated and slender shell reaching a length of up to 10 cm.  Most often its surface is a light brown colour with a dark stripe. The last whorl closest to the aperture is bordered with a darker coloured band. Unlike the exterior, the inside of the aperture is always white and has 4 folds.