Natural attractions

Pazin Cave

This cave is a top attraction that leaves a strong impression on every visitor - from Dante Alighieri and Jules Verne to everyone else who has had the chance to see this unique work of nature.

Hundred metres underneath the largest and best preserved medieval castle in Istria, the largest Istrian karst river Pazinčica disappears into the crater of this most striking example of karst evolution in Istria and the surrounding area. The river Pazinčica forms numerous cascades of different sizes, the most interesting being Pazinski krov and Zarečki krov. Pazinčica reappears at the well of the Raša river spring.

It is possible to learn and find out more about the Pazin cave by walking on the pedestrian trail. If you are a fan of adrenaline, visit the cave with experienced speleologists and explore the underground world in an attractive speleo adventure or take a ride on a zip-line over the Pazin Cave!

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