Hiking trail: Pazin cave

The Pazin Cave is the most picturesque example of natural forces at work on the karst Istrian terrain. Under the walls of a thousand year old Pazin Castle, right on the border of the «grey» and «red» Istria, the biggest Istrian stream Pazinčica has found its flow through the underground all the way to the valley of the river Raša. Perhaps it continues its flow even to reach the Lim gulf, as once wrote the famous novelist Jules Verne in his novel «Mathias Sandorf». Such remarkable scenery has inspired many other writers (Nazor, Dante, Yriarte…), so You definitely won't be let uninspired.

Educational walking trail is maintained with length of 500 m. It starts below the hotel Lovac. Trail leads through the woods up to 'Piramida' (Pyramid) lookout where there is a view to the underground of the Pazin cave. The sightseeing is individual, with no guide, which is why there are information boards in different foreign languages along the trail where you can learn more about karst phenomenon, hydrography, the pit plant life, legends, researches and brave explorers.

The underground sightseeing is not included, but in case of pleasant weather conditions along with previously made appointment, it can be organized with obligatory guidance of the local speleologist. In order to have a guided tour, You need to contact Speleološko društvo Istra (The association of Istrian speleologist).

Opening hours:
The educational walking trail can be visited throughout the year, it has a length of 500 meters up to the "Piramida" viewpoint. The visit is free of charge.

Entrance at your own risk.
The underground sightseeing is not included.

Note: It is strictly forbidden and also dangerous to walk out of the marked trails as well as to go down to the streambed and to walk along the tight pit passage!

» Pazin Cave

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