Health and Wellness

Leisure for the Body and Soul

Even the ancient Romans knew what made Istria the ideal spot for pleasure, rest, relaxation and hedonism.

wellness1Proof of this can be found in the discovery of ruins of many thermae or baths throughout the Istrian peninsula, from public baths in Pula and in Nezakciji near Pula, to the private baths in residential villas, the remains of which have been found in Verige Cove, in Valbaldon and Barbariga, in Kataro Bay near Umag and in Červar-Porat by Poreč. Baths were places where people would meet, dine, close deals and even discuss military strategies, but first and foremost, they were used for the daily sustenance of body and soul.

Even to this day this Roman tradition is revered in Istria; a tradition that joins hedonism and health by utilizing the region’s advantages - a pleasant climate and sea air, excellent cuisine and top-quality wines, virgin olive oil, together with the Mediterranean scents of aromatic herbs - lavender, rosemary and laurel, and of course, the scent of the sea....

wellness2Guests who wish to enjoy leisure for body and soul in baths, massages and various beauty treatments can do so in small, charming wellness centres that operate within small boutique hotels all over Istria, especially in the region’s interior. If you prefer seaside wellness centres and the many facilities and services provided by coastal towns such as Umag, Novigrad, Poreč, Rovinj, Pula and Rabac, you will find their best hotels have an array of top-quality wellness centres.

All the beauty of the Istrian peninsula with its remarkable offering of local products, restaurants and wine cellars dovetails perfectly together with spa programmes that benefit your health, beauty and vitality.