Wrecks: Vis (23)

The cargo steamship Vis was built in 1921 under the name Renteria. In 1946, the Vis set sail for Raša from Rijeka for a load of coal. Because of the minefield had not yet been cleared in the central part of Vela Vrata, the captain was ordered to stay as close the Istrian coastline as possible. However, not far from Cape Mašnjak at the entrance to Plomin Bay, a powerful explosion shook the boat. The shipwrecked crew were saved by a sailing vessel and taken to Rabac. Alongside the ship on the seabed, you can see the remains of wooden lifeboats that fell from their places.

Sea depth: 59 m
Greatest depth: 60 m
Smallest depth: 45 m
Length: 79 m
Width: 12,5 m

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