Advanced Open Water Diver Course

The true adventure starts when you sail into the open seas, dive into the depths of the Adriatic and start researching this incredible Istrian region abundant in natural beauties and sunken ships which make each dive an adventure.

If you already know the basics and if you have finished the diver beginner course and wish to deepen your knowledge, there are advanced open water diver courses awaiting. They offer new and useful specializing skills including deep sea diving, underwater navigation, underwater photography, multi-level diving, night diving and computer assisted diving.

This two to three day course include both theory and practice. The theoretical part includes lectures, waching movies as well as discussions, while the practical part consists of five open sea dives. The age limit for course goers is set between 10 and 15, depending on individual diver centre.

Deep sea diving and underwater navigation are a mandatory part of this course, while all other diving specialties are selected according to own wishes.

Having passed the course, goers are awarded the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certificate, which opens more possibilities than mere underwater sightseeing, including diving in pairs to a depth of 30 meters, within acquired knowledge and experience.

Diving centres: Morski Puz Diving Rovinj


Diving centres: Triton Diving

Diving Centre

Diving Rabac


Diving centres: RC Girandella Diving