Tandem Flying

Take-off from high-grounds in a tandem paraglider with an instructor pilot. If you’re a trained pilot, you can fly independently. However, if you’re not, you can enjoy the beauties of the sky by flying in a tandem paraglider.

Take-off sites: Motovun, Kastelir, Veli Mlun, Zavoj, Raspadalica, Brest pod Uckom
Price: 600 kuna per person (80 €)
Rent of equipment is included in the price.

T: +385 (0)98 922 8081 Airie Sasha

Note: It is required to sign a statement confirming that the person is not under influence of alcohol, drugs or sedatives and does not suffer from any psychological disorder while women are also required to sign a statement confirming that they are not pregnant.